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UK’s Finest launches new Amazon webinar series for Retail & Consumer companies


With the global demand for Retail & Consumer products booming, UK’s Finest has collaborated with The Department for International Trade for an exclusive webinar series focused on selling in Japan, the USA and Europe with Amazon.

It’s common knowledge that e-commerce platforms can be a quick and easy way to begin exploring new markets, as it can allow you to test potential customer bases without the costs traditionally incurred. But selling online overseas isn’t always as simple as copying and pasting the methods learnt selling your products online in the UK. It’s always best to listen to the experts before taking the plunge!

Why have we focussed on Amazon?

As a trusted household e-commerce name, the platform offers huge opportunities for all Retail & Consumer companies. With over 2 billion visitors in June 2021 alone, once up and running on Amazon in international markets you’ll be accessing a colossal number of new customers right from the comfort of your desk in the UK!

UK’s Finest has recognised the USA, Europe and Japan as high potential markets for Retail & Consumer companies, working with the Department for International Trade to tailor an exclusive webinar series for marketplace members that already have experience selling on Amazon in the UK. Each free, hour-long webinar will be hosted by experienced experts in the industry, covering 3 topic areas:

  1. The main differences between that marketplace and Amazon UK
  2. Fulfilment solutions
  3. Compliance

If you want to increase your customer base across the globe, but are not sure which markets to try or how to access them, don’t miss out on this webinar series.

Selling Retail & Consumer products on Amazon U.S.
Tuesday 28th September, 14:30-15:30

Amazon U.S. is the most visited e-commerce site in the U.S. and is the largest of the Amazon sites. Led by George Bova, Director of Business Development for Rocket Shippers, a 3PL Fulfilment Solution that helps numerous businesses with their FBA/FBM preparation in the United States, this session will cover:

          • Fulfilment solutions through the holiday season and beyond
          • Carrier and supply chain issues currently facing the retail market
          • The compliance involved in preparing inventory for Amazon including barcoding, labelling
          • Strategic tips on how to save money and time through the holiday rush

Selling Retail & Consumer products on Amazon Japan
Tuesday 12th October, 11:00-12:00

Japanese consumers are in demand of high-quality British Retail & Consumer products, therefore selling via Amazon Japan can be a logical step to begin exploring the market.

Led by John Cant from Rising Sun Commerce, this webinar will look at:

          • Determining if your product is right for Amazon Japan
          • Top tips when converting your Amazon UK store to Amazon Japan
          • Shipping and compliance

Selling Retail & Consumer products on Amazon Europe
Tuesday 19th October, 11:00-12:00

Amazon Europe Marketplace allows you to reach potential customers in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey through one sellers account.

Led by Frank Van Den Berg from BlueInfinity, this session will cover:

          • Variations between Amazon Europe and Amazon UK
          • How to decide which marketplace is right for you – how to find your competitors, market dynamic and segment size.
          • Routes to getting your products to the marketplace customers
          • Fulfilment
          • Customs and VAT